I'm pretty sure that just about any tv show can make me cry. American Idol. Yep. Extreme Home Makeover. Check. Oprah. That one too. Today, Oprah was doing a show on the new television series Undercover Boss. It's where the CEO's of major companies, go undercover and work the jobs of their employees. She had a CEO of a Waste Management System on there and I just started crying when I saw the people who do some of the worst jobs, clean port-a-potties, pick up trash, work at land fills--yet they have the most positive attitudes and they love their jobs. It makes me really embarrassed about how blessed I am, yet I still seem to complain from time to time. I should instead be thankful for the opportunities that I have.

I had the pleasure of having a much needed phone conversation with one of my best friends today. She just had the most precious little girl, Greenlee, a little over a month ago. One thing a lot of people don't know about Summer, is that she is SOOO incredibly talented with art. She paints gorgeous canvases, and can do just about anything else creative really well. I'm encouraging her to start selling her projects, because she could make some extra money on the side and have enough funds to keep doing what she loves. Check her out http://learn-to-loooove.blogspot.com/

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  1. you are amazing and i really enjoyed our talk too!!! i love you! :)