99 Balloons

It is well known that I am an extremely emotional person. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I like to think that I have extreme sympathy for others who are in difficult situations and this is why I cry so easily.
At dinner tonight with a girl friend, we began discussing how God has purpose in everything. I began to tell her a story I had recently read about family who had a baby knowing it would soon die after birth. It broke my heart to imagine the grief those parents must have felt, but God truly had a purpose even in that little baby's short life.
Stephanie then told me the story about the blind man in the bible. How, God has a purpose for that blind man from the time he was a little boy. God's miracles were shown through that blind man. He had a purpose for him. If his parents had of decided they didn't want him just because he was disabled, we would have never had the great story and miracle, and a wonderful song to add :)
Then Stephanie told me to look at the video 99 Balloons on youtube. This is a must see, it is amazing at the strength of this young couple. God truly does have a purpose for EVERY life.


Cooking and Such

Brad gets home from Cozumel today!!! Then back off to camp tomorrow! Our summers are so busy I am surprised we have managed to see each other at all. I am So, so, SO really for some normalcy again. I mean we have been apart from each other for the past eight months! That is not the way I had the last year planned, but oh well, you manage what you have to do I guess. I am proud that we have managed to make it through everything. Most couples wouldn't have survived everything we have been through this past year, that has to say something!
On a different note, I am so proud that I have officialy learned to cook on my George Forman without burning. Large thanks to Kristin! Before, I would never cook on it because every single time my chicken turned out dry and burnt! Now its perfect and juicy! Just wonderful! Brad will be so impressed.... haha! One bad thing about cooking when he's not here though, is cleaning. Typically, I cook and Brad cleans. But when he's not here to eat I have to clean too :( I don't like that part. Like right now, I am waiting until the last possible second to bring my plate to the sink because I know that means that I have to clean everything up. Blah!
I have such a busy week at school this week. Bad thing about taking Spanish in Summer school is that the last week is FULL of tests! I'm so ready to be done, for a few weeks at least!
Well I better start studying before I see Brad! Have a wonderful Sunday :)