99 Balloons

It is well known that I am an extremely emotional person. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I like to think that I have extreme sympathy for others who are in difficult situations and this is why I cry so easily.
At dinner tonight with a girl friend, we began discussing how God has purpose in everything. I began to tell her a story I had recently read about family who had a baby knowing it would soon die after birth. It broke my heart to imagine the grief those parents must have felt, but God truly had a purpose even in that little baby's short life.
Stephanie then told me the story about the blind man in the bible. How, God has a purpose for that blind man from the time he was a little boy. God's miracles were shown through that blind man. He had a purpose for him. If his parents had of decided they didn't want him just because he was disabled, we would have never had the great story and miracle, and a wonderful song to add :)
Then Stephanie told me to look at the video 99 Balloons on youtube. This is a must see, it is amazing at the strength of this young couple. God truly does have a purpose for EVERY life.

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