So since I'm stuck at home right now away from pretty much all of society, I decided to start a blog!  Maybe it will help to keep me somewhat entertained.   As I'm trying to set up my blog, the word translator box comes up.  You know, the one where they write a word in a weird format and you have to type the word in the box.  Well those things always make me feel so stupid!  Half the time, I can't even figure out what the word is and fail the test!  Who can see those letters anyways?  I don't know what the point of that thing is.

Anyway,  so as I'm trying to figure everything out it may be a little rough to begin with but bear with me!

Ok.. to update everyone who does not know,  the reason why I am stuck at home is because I was in a skiing accident a month ago where I broke my tibia in 5 different places!  It was definitely not fun!  So.. 2 surgeries and many, many days of being immobile here I  am!  I've come a long way in the past month and I can now say that everyday is a healing day!  Day by day the pain gets a little better and I can move my ankle a little bit more!  The greatest thing for me is I'm slowly becoming more and more mobile.  I've started physical therapy and will have it 3 times a week here for a while.   Although my therapy sessions are sometimes painful, I know that I won't improve without a little pain so it's worth it!  Yesterday, after PT my dad took me out to breakfast and took the bookstore.  It was wonderful!!!  I hadn't been out of the house in about a week!  Last night my mom and I were actually able to go out to dinner.  Again, this is so great!  Every time I am out somewhere I am constantly reminded that as a John Mayer song puts it ,  "the heart of the people is good".  No matter where I go, people always go out of there way to open a door or offer me a seat.  It makes me feel good to know that people really do care!
Well that's all I have to say for now!