Where have I been?

Well let's see what have I been up to besides causing a little trouble?

  • I have been babysitting the most precious kids, and realizing that I will definitely be waiting SEVERAL years before having them.
  • I have been shadowing at Fayetteville High School and realizing what a sheltered environment I come from.
  • I have been spending lots of time with my roommate/ bestfriend/should be sister Tressa.
  • I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my furniture.
  • I have been spending time with one person in particular.
  • I have collapsed on my bed from exhaustion just about every day.
  • I have decided to not live my life in such a way that I am constantly fearful of making someone mad.
  • I have decided that it's not possible to not have at least one enemy.
  • I have decided that as long as you have enough friends the enemies don't count.
  • I've realized that life is too short to not enjoy every single day for what it has to offer.
  • I've given up on making plans because they never work.
  • I'm dreading summer classes this summer.
  • I'm happy. Yes..... very very happy.
  • I'm learning to see the good in every person yet not be oblivious to the bad. And realizing that some people you just don't want to be friends with.
  • I'm content.
  • I'm tired.

Beautiful oblivion.... that's what it is.


The end is only the beginning...

Last Saturday I "walked" to recieve my degree. I won't officially receive it until August, but it was still an exciting day. I didn't realize how many different emotions I would feel on that day: pride, happiness, sadness, joy, thankfullness. The list goes on. My degree belongs just as much to my parents as it does to me. They sacrificially financed my education, supported me through many career changes, and coached me through my last incredibly stressfull semester of my college experience. I owe them so much and I truly have the greatest parents.
The past week has been spent shadowing various science teachers at Fayetteville High School. I never realized how sheltered my experience was at CHS until I walked the halls of FHS. Even though I graduated with a large number of students (543), I still knew every single one of them and grew up with them. CHS was a large school in a small town. I am so grateful for my experiences there and the teachers who helped me become the person I am today. I have enjoyed my time at FHS, but it's somewhat of a culture shock. Haha. Oh and yes... They all think I'm a student there :)