A New Post

It's a new post because I get bored here at home all by myself.  Especially from the times of 12:30-3:30 because Brad is at work then which means I can't text him.  (Well I can, but I feel bad distracting him unless its something really important or something I think I will forget :)

I have been reading a book called "Love from Greece",  it is very good I recommend it.  It makes me want to go to Greece really badly.  What a Romantic little place :)   Hmm.. maybe for my honeymoon...

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Here's a picture of Jon and Kate plus 8 for those of you who don't know what I am talking about.  Those kids are so darn cute!

Gosselins WITH pity

I'm not very good at this blogging thing, but I LOVE reading other people's blogs, so I promise to become better at it.
I love the show Jon and Kate plus 8.  Sure sometimes Jon and Kate don't always get along ,  and most of the time there is large amounts of screaming kids, but there is something about it that I am just addicted to.  Those kids are just so dang cute and I think it gives a good look at how demanding parenting can be.  So what really annoys me is all of the people who write into blogs like gosselinswithoutpity and just trash talk the whole family.  I find this so immature and petty, and believe me I have tried to write on those blogs telling these women just that but they always delete my posts.  haha!  Often, people post about how Jon and Kate are exploiting their children.  Do I think it is perfectly healthy and normal for children to grow up with a crew of cameras in their house?  Probably not, but here's the deal.  When Kate had the sextuplets, they were in need of a lot of stuff that most "normal" income families cannot afford.  Diapers, and formula for just one baby add up, imagine 6!  When TLC approached them with the idea of the television series, they saw an opportunity and ran with it.  Why not?  Now both parents can stay home with the kids, not to mention all of the opportunities the children have had that they wouldn't have otherwise.  Another thing these bloggers often mention, is the purchase of the new million dollar house.  Hello!  They have 8 kids!  OF COURSE they need a bigger house.  And you know what, if they have the money to purchase it, then why not??  Now the kids have plenty of room to play and run, plus places to go when they need privacy.  This was lacking in their previous house.  I think when people see the price of the home they purchased they think that they purchased this elaborate mansion and that was not needed.  This is not the case and I believe every bit of space is needed in their house.  Why aren't y'all griping about all of the movie stars who own multi-million dollar homes and are the only one living in it.  Personally, I think all of the scrutiny comes from petty women who are jealous of Kate (she's gorgeous!) and her lifestyle.  Well, instead of being jealous why don't you appreciate what you have in your own lives.  I hope none of the Gosselin family ever reads any of those hurtful comments.

OK, that's all I have to say about that!  Sorry, it just has been bothering me :)