Cyn-Sational Cakes

I don't know about ya'll, but cakes seem to be all the rage here lately.  The traditional sheet cake doesn't cut it anymore, parties are all about how crazy or inventive the cake can be!  These gorgeous 2 or 3 layer cakes can be pretty costly, not to mention, sometimes they don't even taste that great!

Let me let you in on a little family secret that shouldn't be kept secret anymore....

Cyn-Sational Cakes (Click to go directly to the website)

Cyndee is an incredible cake decorator, based out of North Little Rock, Arkansas, and wonderful to work with!  She does completely custom designs and her prices are VERY reasonable.  Not to mention, her cakes taste incredible!  Twinkee filling, need I say more?

We've used her for showers, graduation parties, birthdays, and she's doing my sister's wedding cake in the Spring.  Now, if you know my sister, she wouldn't trust just anyone to design her perfect wedding cake.  That's how much we trust Cyndee and love her cakes!

So the next time you need a cake for a special event, or even just to satisfy a craving, hop on over to Cyn-Sational Cakes and give Cyndee a try!


Where I've been lately

  • I packed up my childhood bedroom (sort of) and moved into my new place in Rogers.  We've spent the last week unpacking and getting everything arranged and decorated.  Saturday, my parents left to head back home, and since then I've been trying to get adjusted to life in a new city on my own.  

  • My mom took me to NYC to celebrate graduating with my masters degree (pictures to come soon).

  • I signed my first teaching contract, as well as became the new cheerleading coach for the JV team at BHS!  I'm beyond excited!  Now I'm working on getting my coaching endorsement, and getting my girls ready for football and competition season!

  • I'm trying to get back into the routine of working out since I've taken a long hiatus while I was at my parents house.  Nothing is worse than having to slowly build back up!

  • Started a new Bible study at Crosschurch with Tressa last night, and love it so far!


10 Rules I Always Break

Let me preface this by saying I am very much a rules girl.  I believe there are rules for a reason and they are not meant to be broken.  Boring, right.  Let's just say I was always the child who NEVER got into trouble.

BUT.... there are some that are either stupid, annoying, or way more fun to break.

1.  Take your contacts out a night.  Ever since getting contacts in the 6th grade (and WOW how much better I could see!) my mother, Optometrist, and practically everyone else I know stressed to me the importance of taking your contacts out at night time.  Don't get me wrong, I see the value in A. Saving your eye sight, and B. Letting your eyes "breath"  but who on earth has the time or patience to take them out every night and spend precious minutes putting them in each morning.  Not to mention, I am BLIND without them, blind I tell ya!  I prefer to be able to see the face of my attacker when he sneaks up beside my bed.

2.  Don't mix black and brown.  Sometimes, black and brown look pretty good together.  In fact, sometimes black complements brown, or the other way around.  So black and brown together?  Sometimes this is a DO.

3.  Don't eat raw cookie dough, batter, etc.  Who the crap invented this rule!  They just plain don't know what the simple pleasures in life are.  I keep the big economy size tubs of cookie dough from Sam's in my fridge, and lets just say I NEVER bake cookies.  I've never gotten food poisening, or salmenella, or any other diesease that I think our parents make up from it either.  Now I'm going to go knock on some wood....

4.  Don't ever picture your first name with the last name of whomever you're dating.  This is stupid.  I don't want to end up with a stupid name for the rest of my life, so I think it's very smart to think about what your name would sound like with his last name.  It's not like I'm picking out wedding venues here.

5.  Don't get back in your car while filling up your gas tank.  Umm... hello?  Do YOU live in the freaking artic otherwise know as Northwest Arkansas during the months of November-March?  Obviously whoever follows this rule lives in sunny Flordia or some island in the Pacific.  I know, I know I could shock myself and cause an explosion.  I "ground" myself before I touch the gas pump, I think thats plenty.

6.  Don't stay friends with your exes.  I think this is so stupid.  Yes, sometimes you have to have a clean break, and obviously when the relationship ends badly it's not really possible to stay friends.  But if a relationship ends because you just don't fit together, why end a great friendship?  My future husband, however, I'm sure will probably think differently on this one :)

7.  Don't have sex on the first date.  Who invented this one???   Whoa... kidding.  Just checking to make sure you're still with me here.

8.  Always eat breakfast.  They always say breakfast is the "most important meal of the day"... what I say is... who is THEY?  Sometimes I'm not hungry in the morning, sometimes I don't wake up until lunch time, and sometimes (ok, most of the time) I'm flying out the door in the morning.  So I say, eat when you're hungry.

9.  Don't walk when the sign says "Don't Walk".  J walking...what's that?  If there's no cars coming, I'm crossing the street!

10.  Dont eat after 7 p.m.  I understand that your body can't metabolize your food when you're sleeping.  But if you're not going to bed until 2 a.m then I think it's perfectly acceptable to not eat until 10.


10 Reasons Why I'm a Crappy Blogger

10.  I don't blog regularly.  I don't even blog semi-regularly.  My creativeness comes and goes in spurts.  Sorry.  Wait, I'm not sorry.

9.  I DO NOT like taking pictures of random every day occurrences i.e my cup of coffee, my outfit, what I ate for lunch....   I know pictures make blogs more interesting to read.  Pictures like that make me nuts.

8.  I don't have a kid.  Enough said.

7.  I don't like writing about the everyday humdum of my life, nor do I think you would be interested in the everyday humdum of my life.

6.  I make up words like "humdum".

5.  I don't like knowing people read my blog.  It makes me incredibly nervous.

4.  I don't shamelessly promote myself on top blog websites, facebook (ok, occasionally) or any of those other social devices.  (Wait... I probably WILL promote this one because I think it's genius... ha ha)

3.  I'm not incredibly in to myself.  Sometimes you have to be that way to be a good blogger.  I don't consider myself a celebrity, nor do I need "followers".  Which is probably good because I have umm... like 10.

2.  I'm not planning a wedding so you won't find weekly "wedding planning" posts on here.  Sorry.  Go check out theknot.com.  Or wait... just get on facebook people seem to think we love reading statuses about the florist they chose, the rings they picked out, or where they're honeymooning.

1.  I'm not vintage, nor do I like vintage.  I like the feeling of ripping a tag off of a shirt and can't stand the way old things smell.  My condo is very modern.  I will never understand the thrill of searching a vintage store for hours.  Do I appreciate the past and it's culture?  Yes.  Am I vintage?  No.  Nor do I understand it's growing popularity among bloggers, but for those of you who do/are.... good for you!


Crazy Girl

I don't care who you are, if you're a girl you have the ability to act....well... a little crazy sometimes.

Blame it on the weather, blame it on hormones, blame it on stress.  We ALL have our crazy moments.

Now what distinguishes us from those girls who truly are CRAZY are how often we let those moments overtake our lives, make our decisions, and flat out ruin our relationships.

Are you with me here girls?

The problem is, we know we are acting crazy and yet we still cannot reason with ourselves in our minds.

Let's take exhibit A:
You have had a particularly bad/boring/etc. kind of day.  You're looking forward to hearing from your crush/boyfriend/husband, only he doesn't call... or text... or do whatever you have planned in your mind on him doing.  Probably because he's busy you know.... WORKING.  Or doing whatever else he does.  Or maybe he's not busy, instead he's watching t.v, or surfing the internet, or doing whatever it is that he does when he's not with you.  The truth is, at this particular moment in time, he is NOT thinking about you.

That drives you crazy doesn't it?  How could he not be thinking about you?  How could he really not be thinking about anything?

We don't understand this, because quite frankly we don't understand the opposite sex at all.  We on one hand can think about a million things, juggle everything, and still manage to send sweet, thoughtful (ok, sometimes angry, irritated) text messages.  Guys on the other hand, cannot.  Easy enough.

Ok, so he doesn't text or call, or whatever and you start to get a little paranoid/insecure/whatever.  Don't you HATE that.  Ugh.  So.  Annoying.

What you can control is how you react to it.  So don't freak out, don't ask him a million questions of "what's wrong" or why is he being "standoffish" or whatever.

Just stop, breath, and DO SOMETHING you crazy girl.  Stop being bored enough to act like a crazy.

So this may or may not be directed at myself.

I digress.

So I guess what I'm saying is, we girls all have our crazy moments.   Keyword: MOMENTS here, not all the time.  I have yet to meet one who hasn't, and if there is one out there, more than likely she's not a true girl at all.

I guess my hope for our "genre" is that we will all find the guy for us who will love our crazy side, tell us we are acting crazy, and move on.

No one's perfect.

And all you married women don't even try and act like you don't have your crazy moments too!  We all know you do...