Love in Every Language

We've had parent/teacher conferences all week.  Yes, it's very early in the semester, but Springdale likes to do them at 5 weeks so the students haven't gotten to far behind by the time conferences come around.  I like this idea, plus I enjoy meeting the parents of my kids early on.  Of course, the parents you really need to show up because their kids are the problem children, don't.  This doesn't really surprise me though.

One of the things that I truly love about teaching in Springdale is the diverse culture we have.  It's amazing to walk around and see all the diverse backgrounds and experiences my kids bring to class with them every day.  I love hearing at least 3 different languages spoken in the hallway at any particular time.  I love how my students help me with my Spanish, and I love it even more when I can perfectly understand what they are saying in their own languages.  I love the fact that we don't let language barriers interfere with helping our kids learn and learning to connect with their parents.  I love that we have translators in our school.  I love my two classes of ESL students.  Yes, they are incredibly difficult to teach, but they are such a joy when they truly grasp a concept.  And "most" of them actually want to learn.

My experiences in the Springdale school district are truly changing my outlook on the melting pot that America is.  I love the fact that we welcome immigrants with open arms, that we are a safe haven for those seeking refuge from terrible situations.  I love that people come here seeking good education, a bright future, and the desire to chase the "American Dream".

Growing up in the South, where we don't see much cultural diversity.  Having graduated from a High School that is, perhaps, one of the premiere cookie cutter schools in Central Arkansas, I've been guilty of becoming frustrated when someone doesn't know how to speak English, or when my tax dollars go towards someone who isn't a true american citizen.  Since becoming a teacher, however, my outlook has changed.  My only desire is for my children to one day grow up in a culture that is rich in diversity.  I hope that my children have best friends who aren't the same skin tone, religion, or even from the same country as them.  I want them to have the opportunity to experience life from every viewpoint, and most importantly to learn "love" in every language.



I'm sorry.  I have a small rant to do.  So if you're not interested in my rant, then please move right on along.

Here goes...

Ok I know that when you are pregnant, a lot of talk centers around how much weight you've gained.  I get that everyone's bodies change when they're pregnant.  Yes, some women gain more than others and some take the whole "eating for two" thing to the extreme.  But please, just because my sister has only gained 18 pounds does NOT IN ANY WAY mean that my precious little niece is malnourished.  THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!  Shannon visits the doctor every week now and he says she is perfectly on track.  Heelyn is 7lbs right now.  She's perfect!  My sister is in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM a bad mother just because she hasn't gained a lot of weight.  Not to mention, it's not like she's trying not to.  She is just an extremely healthy eater and the only foods she has craved during her pregnancy are fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  Yes, she's gorgeous.  She always has been, so I'm not sure why some people expected her to suddenly turn ugly when she became pregnant. Not to mention, Shannon has always been incredibly thin and had a perfect figure.  It's really no surprise that she's kept her figure throughout her pregnancy with the exception of her little baby bump.   And the funny thing is, most of the people who are saying she isn't gaining enough weight are other pregnant women.  Hmmm.... something smells a bit like envy over here.

Sorry, I know that was rude.  I'm very protective of my big sister and it hurts my feelings when people talk about her like that.  If you're pregnant, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.  No one is judging you on how much weight you've gained.  ALL pregnant women are beautiful.  And next time you think to judge a pregnant woman... STOP.  Instead, why don't you ask how she's doing or ask about how excited she is for the new addition in her life.


Heelyn Elyse Hanks, Sneak Preview

My sweet baby niece will be here in a little over a month!  I cannot contain my excitement!  We are so excited and happy to have a little baby girl in the family again.  I love her so much already, I can't imagine the love I'll feel for that baby once she makes her appearance into the world....

Can hardly contain my excitement!

Sweet Baby Heely,
We cannot wait for you to get here!  We have all been busy making preparations for your arrival and we are just about ready for you :)  I just hope that you know that you are expected to have high taste for fashion and hot pink.  You know your momma couldn't have anything but the most funky, stylish accessories for you.  You'll have to speak up in this world, because both your Momma and Daddy are extrememly loud, but if you're anything like you're Aunt... you'll get along just fine.
We love you already....

Oh and p.s of course you already have your first pair of Joe's Jeans.... I told you, you'll be dressed in style :)



If anyone knows me... they should know that I Love love LOVE surprises!  Seriously, no matter how big or how small, I really love to be surprised.

So imagine my excitement when Andrew called me one night asking me out to dinner and telling me he had a surprise for me.

He walked into the house with these....

That's right.... Cheetah Print Toms!!!  I had mentioned that I wanted some, and my sweet boyfriend went looking for me some.  He even ordered them when Warren's didn't have them in my size.  I think the sweetest thing is that Andrew doesn't even like Toms Shoes.  But he got them for me because he knew I wanted them :)

Then.... on Saturday he was picking me up so we could go watch the Hogs game at a friends house, and surprised me with flowers!  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I love flowers!  I was so excited, not to mention very very happy!

So I'm a teacher, and every morning I take coffee with me to school.  Of course my coffee cups have to be cute and I absolutely love the insulated thermoses that have my initial on them.  Well, the ones that I have tend to leak and cause a big mess on my desk at school.  Well... yesterday my guy surprised me with a new cup with my initial on it that DOESN'T LEAK!
(Not to mention he ran all my errands with me and then cooked dinner so I could work on my lesson plans for the week)

Honestly, how did I get so lucky??

I think if all guys treated girls as special as Andrew treats me we would have a very happy world!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!


Sweep Me Off My Feet

This boy....

I didn't know guys like this still existed.

But I am oh so glad they do!  


Presenting... Mr. & Mrs. Ian Walton

Last weekend, one of my very best friends was married!  It was a bittersweet weekend full of lots of emotions.  I've known Ash since we were 6 years old and have been through literally everything with her.  I absolutely ADORE Ian and I'm so glad she found the man who can make all her dreams come true.  Most importantly, he adores her!  Nothing is better than knowing that your friends are truly happy.  Lots more posts will come on Ashley's Rehearsal Dinner & Reception, it was truly a weekend to remember!  For now... I'll let yall enjoy some photos of her beautiful wedding day.  Ashley was gorgeous!

Now I have to give credit where credit is due....  the wonderful photographers at Benfield Photography took all of Ash's photos and they turned out great!  I would definitely recommend them to anyone (hopefully myself someday, haha).  Check them out HERE.

My goodness, isn't Ashley just beautiful?  

More to come....


My new life...

It's been such a long time and I apologize. It's not that I've been avoiding posting it's just that the thought of opening my computer to do the much needed posts (with pictures) of all the events that have been happening in my life overwhelms me. So I'll start with a simple post on here, and maybe sometime this weekend I'll post an event... Or two :)

Tomorrow is Friday which means tomorrow night is date night, and that makes me very happy!

Happy Friday everyone!

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