Heelyn Elyse Hanks, Sneak Preview

My sweet baby niece will be here in a little over a month!  I cannot contain my excitement!  We are so excited and happy to have a little baby girl in the family again.  I love her so much already, I can't imagine the love I'll feel for that baby once she makes her appearance into the world....

Can hardly contain my excitement!

Sweet Baby Heely,
We cannot wait for you to get here!  We have all been busy making preparations for your arrival and we are just about ready for you :)  I just hope that you know that you are expected to have high taste for fashion and hot pink.  You know your momma couldn't have anything but the most funky, stylish accessories for you.  You'll have to speak up in this world, because both your Momma and Daddy are extrememly loud, but if you're anything like you're Aunt... you'll get along just fine.
We love you already....

Oh and p.s of course you already have your first pair of Joe's Jeans.... I told you, you'll be dressed in style :)

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