If anyone knows me... they should know that I Love love LOVE surprises!  Seriously, no matter how big or how small, I really love to be surprised.

So imagine my excitement when Andrew called me one night asking me out to dinner and telling me he had a surprise for me.

He walked into the house with these....

That's right.... Cheetah Print Toms!!!  I had mentioned that I wanted some, and my sweet boyfriend went looking for me some.  He even ordered them when Warren's didn't have them in my size.  I think the sweetest thing is that Andrew doesn't even like Toms Shoes.  But he got them for me because he knew I wanted them :)

Then.... on Saturday he was picking me up so we could go watch the Hogs game at a friends house, and surprised me with flowers!  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I love flowers!  I was so excited, not to mention very very happy!

So I'm a teacher, and every morning I take coffee with me to school.  Of course my coffee cups have to be cute and I absolutely love the insulated thermoses that have my initial on them.  Well, the ones that I have tend to leak and cause a big mess on my desk at school.  Well... yesterday my guy surprised me with a new cup with my initial on it that DOESN'T LEAK!
(Not to mention he ran all my errands with me and then cooked dinner so I could work on my lesson plans for the week)

Honestly, how did I get so lucky??

I think if all guys treated girls as special as Andrew treats me we would have a very happy world!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

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