I'm sorry.  I have a small rant to do.  So if you're not interested in my rant, then please move right on along.

Here goes...

Ok I know that when you are pregnant, a lot of talk centers around how much weight you've gained.  I get that everyone's bodies change when they're pregnant.  Yes, some women gain more than others and some take the whole "eating for two" thing to the extreme.  But please, just because my sister has only gained 18 pounds does NOT IN ANY WAY mean that my precious little niece is malnourished.  THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!  Shannon visits the doctor every week now and he says she is perfectly on track.  Heelyn is 7lbs right now.  She's perfect!  My sister is in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM a bad mother just because she hasn't gained a lot of weight.  Not to mention, it's not like she's trying not to.  She is just an extremely healthy eater and the only foods she has craved during her pregnancy are fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.  Yes, she's gorgeous.  She always has been, so I'm not sure why some people expected her to suddenly turn ugly when she became pregnant. Not to mention, Shannon has always been incredibly thin and had a perfect figure.  It's really no surprise that she's kept her figure throughout her pregnancy with the exception of her little baby bump.   And the funny thing is, most of the people who are saying she isn't gaining enough weight are other pregnant women.  Hmmm.... something smells a bit like envy over here.

Sorry, I know that was rude.  I'm very protective of my big sister and it hurts my feelings when people talk about her like that.  If you're pregnant, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.  No one is judging you on how much weight you've gained.  ALL pregnant women are beautiful.  And next time you think to judge a pregnant woman... STOP.  Instead, why don't you ask how she's doing or ask about how excited she is for the new addition in her life.

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