The New Thursday

Last year, it killed me that I couldn't really go out on Thursday nights like I used to or stay up late just socializing with friends "on a school night". Today, I was walking out of the gym around 630 after coaching for a couple of hours. Only once I checked my twitter did it hit me, it's Thursday night. The night that used to mean the start of the weekend. Now, Thursday's mean the last "B" day of the week, cheer practice, and football games. And I'm perfectly ok with that.

I guess this is what it feels like to become an adult.

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First Week and a Little Tiger Pride

Whew. I made it through my first week of teaching! Having interned all last year, I liked to think that I was prepared for the first week of school. However, nothing could have prepared me for the constant, nagging stress I would now feel each afternoon as I wrestle with the thought of going home, or staying for one more hour to tackle the never ending to do list.
I now understand how teachers easily work into the late evening hours each day and still find it necessary to venture down those halls on the weekends too. I limit myself though, I make myself go home by 5:30 at the latest, and will not allow myself to even step foot near BHS on a Saturday. Ha!
I love being a teacher though, and so the anxiety and stress are all worth it!
Combined with welcoming my students to their first year in high school, I've also been prepping my cheerleaders for a "little" thing called Tiger Pride. It's basically like a back to school BBQ on steroids complete with scrimmages, performances, fair food, and vendors from all around.

So naturally I spent a lot of time with this big blue mat and 18 energetic cheerleaders. Nothing makes you wanna work out more than being around these girls 24/7, haha!
All the hours of practice were worth it though as they made their first appearance as BHS cheerleaders!

Sorry for the total blurriness of the picture, I was taking a picture of the one on my camera.

So alls well that ends well.

I'm gearing up for another fun filled week at BHS, wish me luck!

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God is Good

I always underestimate the power of prayer. Recently I've been trying to write down my prayer requests and it's amazing all the ways God answers prayer.

2 Big Ones:

My friend Brittany and her husband both have been searching for teaching jobs. She began searching in May, but her husband has been searching for over a year! I've been praying for them for a while, but a couple of weeks ago I wrote it down in my journal and wholeheartedly prayed for their job situations. No lie the very next day Brittany called me saying she had been offered a job!

Today I got this text from her...

God is soooooooooooooo good :)

Also, my sister and her fiancé have been really searching for a house that would fit their growing family, and be in a great location.

They found this house in the same area as my parents! I'm so happy for them and can't wait to go see it!

Never underestimate prayer!



I've been spending so many hours up at the school getting everything just right for my students that I am flat out exhausted! I can't wait for a day to sleep in! Haha. With cheer practice this weekend, that might be a long ways away :(. At least I LOVE what I do!

Since all my energy as gone into planning science lessons (and as interesting as that can be) I'll just leave yall with a few iPhone pics of my week so far.

My sweet friend Stephanie sent me an awesome surprise for my new classroom! I love anything scentsy, and so she sent me the teacher warmer with some incredible scents! I'm so excited to use it(not to mention it will really come in handy with those smelly teenage boys! Ha!)

Anyone else sick of summer and this horrible heat wave we've had lately? Me too. I'm ready for fall and Razorback football season!

There's a TCBY within walking distance from my condo and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement! At least it has probiotics in it, right?

I went on a walk last night and saw a baby bunny! It was precious and I really wanted to catch it, but I resisted.

My sweet niece and her crazy morning hair! Haha. What would I do without my iPhone to receive pictures and videos of this precious thing everyday??


Back to the Classroom

It's that time of year again.... Back to school!

Since I'm a first year teacher (cue scary music) I've spent the last several days getting my classroom ready for my students!

It went from this....

To this!


To this!

Since I'm a high school teacher, not nearly as many decorations are required (thank goodness!). BUT even the most mature high schoolers still appreciate a little color and fun!

So now that my room is ready, I'm on to meetings and lesson planning. Wish me luck!


I'm no Superman

I often laugh/cringe at how invincible I thought I was while I was in my teen years. The thought of getting hurt or something bad happening never crossed my mind. I would drive recklessly (I hope my parents aren't reading this!), love without abandon, and try anything at least once. To be so nonathletic and clumsy, I was the most adventurous person. Hence why I've had so many injuries in my short life :)

As I grow older, I look at my generation and realize now how our invincibility have turned into naivety. Somewhere along the way we miss the point that we WILL have struggles in this lifetime. I used to think that once I got out of my teens years, my life would become a bliss of perfection. Perfect job, perfect marriage, perfect kids, etc. Yea... go ahead and laugh. I do.

It's not just that things won't be perfect. It's that things won't always be as we intended for them to be. No matter how hard we work for that job, the economy could change and we could loose it. A spouse could be injured, or killed in tragic accident or an everyday situation. Children could become sick. You might have difficulties becoming pregnant, or.... no problem at all, if you know what I mean (haha).

What I intend, is not to tell you how life can change in the blink of an eye, we all know that. My future looks so bright right now, but I understand that there are hills and there are valley's. I continually remind myself to thank the Lord for the blessings He has bestowed upon me, but to also ask Him to build in me a faith that will withstand the hills. We will all face our mountains.



In the midst of a new home, new classroom, and new job..... I feel the blog needs a new look too.  Maybe then I'll stop being a bad blogger and post some things :)

So please excuse my mess...