My ABC's

A- Age:  21
B- Bed Size:  Queen
C- Chore you hate:  Unloading the dishwasher or picking up my dirty clothes :)
D- Dogs or cats:  Dogs
E- Essential start your day item:  Something sweet and Good Morning America
F- Favorite Color:  Pink and Red
G- Gold or Silver:  White Gold :)
H- Height:  5'2"
I- Instruments you play:  Piano and a little violin.
J- Job title:  Student and Intern at Central United Methodist
K- Kids:  None yet!!
L- Loud or quiet:  Mainly quiet.
M- Mom's name:  Vicky
N- Nicknames:  Jen, Winnie, Jbrad, then the multitude of names Brad has for me :)
O- Overnight hospital stay other than birth:  The 2 surgeries I had after I broke my leg this year.
P- Pet Peeve:  When people leave things in the living room, and when Brad drives with me in his truck with the CB radio on.
Q- Quote from a movie:  "You had me at hello"
R- Right or Left handed:  I'm a lefty.
S- Siblings:  2 sisters
T- Time you wake up:  7:30
U- Underwear:   Yes...
V- Vegetable you dislike:  Artichokes
W- Ways you run late:  I  never leave my house without eating breakfast first, so if I'm late it's usually because of this.
X- X-rays you've had:  Ankle, Wrist, Shoulder, Tail bone, Back, Lungs, Toes, Fingers, Leg
Y-Yummy Food you make:  Better than Sex cake, enchiladas (Brad's mom's recipe :) ) , Gaucamole, pretty much anything mexican.
Z- Zoo Favorites:  Anything fat and furry!

Missing Him...

Well, Brad has been gone for a full four days now and let me just say I feel like he has been gone a month!  Seriously, I miss him so much.  I hate, hate, hate not being able to talk to him or text it.  It is the worst thing in the world.  After next week though, he will be able to call me on his breaks and he will have Saturdays off so that will be good.   I keep telling myself it will get easier.  I just hope it does.  
I've started summer school.  It's so nice to have something to do in the mornings again, but Spanish is kicking my butt!  I wish I had of taken it my Freshman year instead of waiting until my Senior year.  I don't remember anything I learned in high school!  I think I'm starting to catch on, but it is still really really hard!
Steph and I are finally moved into our new apartment! YAY!  I love it so much!  It's the perfect apartment.  Perfect layout and everything!  My room is really cute too.  Plus, almost all of my friends live out here! I'm loving it!!!  Can't wait to get up to the pool to lay out :)



Demolition Derby & Cowboy Boots

It's been a while since I have posted!  I am officialy BACK IN FAYETTEVILLE!!! Woohoo!!! It has been a LONG six months being in Cabot, but I did have some quality time with my parents :)  It was a little sad leaving yesterday because I know my mom worries so much about me being up here all by myself and crippled!  
Last night,  Brad, Jon, Kristin and I all went to the demolition derby.  I had never been before.  The cars just run into each other!  I didn't think I would like it, but I actually did!  It's pretty fun just seeing lots of cars demolish each other.   There are some REDNECK people that go to those things!  I definitely saw my share of mullets... gross.  After that, much to Brad's enjoyment, we went to Chili's since it was the only restaurant open at 11 pm.  
Today was Church and lunch and I am waiting on Brad to get home from reffing so we can go to buy him some new Cowboy boots.  YAY!
Well have a wonderful Sunday :)



Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day!  Everyone should go give their mom a hug :) My sisters and I cooked my mom lunch today when she got home from church.  It was a nice surprise for her to not have to cook for lunch.  We also made a really good strawberry cake.  For the longest time strawberry cake was the only kind of cake Shannon would ever eat, so we have like a million recipes for strawberry cakes.  Well fast forward many years and now I am dating a man who LOVES strawberry cake.  Have I ever made him one?  No, I always forget he likes them and me I am more of a chocolate girl.  But I promised I would make him one before he leaves for camp.  Lets hope I remember!
Tomorrow is the big day! My four month checkup at my doctor.  I am very excited and somewhat anxious.  I am just so ready to get to start walking again, but at the same time I know that it's gonna take a lot of patience and pain before I will be able to just run around everywhere!  Still, I am hoping my doctor says "no more crutches".  Wouldn't that be amazing?!
Now I am moving on to a topic that has been driving me absolutely crazy.  Jon & Kate Plus 8.  I really hope Jon didn't cheat on Kate, but if he did I think Kate is handling everything with class and I really just wish people would leave her alone.  The blogs that some people write and comment on about Kate are just mean and hurtful.  Personally, I think all of these people are jealous of her.  I hope they can get things straightened up and Jon can grow up and learn to be a man.  He shouldn't put himself in compromising situations in the first place.
I went to my uncle's wedding yesterday and it was gorgeous.  Amy (his wife) looked fabulous!  The reception was at the Peabody, and it was the nicest reception I have been at.  The drinks were strong, and the food delicious :)  Champagne, however, doesn't have so great of a taste after a while of toasting.  hah!  
Well I've got a busy day ahead of me, but I hope you all have a lovely Sunday :)




It's that time of year again...Swimsuit Season!!!  So I have been swimsuit shopping and bought a new one today.  Now, I have been lucky enough that I have NEVER needed to go on a diet.  Ever.  But not anymore :(  5 months of sitting on a couch does not do a body good!  I am so ashamed but this is the worst shape my body has ever been in... it's extremely sad.  So now I am going on a diet major!  I REFUSE to step into my swimsuit until I have lost at least 10 lbs.  Of course it's really hard to lose weight when you can't do all the cardio that is needed to lose that weight :(  But my lovely mother said she would get me a personal trainer, so that he can show me how to work out without putting extra stress on my hurt leg.  I am also not eating ANY MORE SUGAR.  I have a huge sweet tooth, but back in my pageant days I didn't eat any sugar except for my sweet tea of course.  So I know it's very possible!   So wish me luck!!! My diet starts....NOW!




I officially have purchased Summer Leigh's wedding shower invites!!! YAY! I was totally stressing about those because I know that I need to get started on them.  They aren't the ones I was originally thinking about because those ended up being a little pricey.  Instead, I found an invitation kit at Target and you print what you want them to say and then put the invitations together.  They are SO cute, they have little bows on them and everything :)  Now if I can just get her to sit down with me to make up an invite list... hmm...
I have always wanted to be the type of person that uses coupons.  I know this is really strange and Corny, but I just find that it is my duty before I become someones wife to know how to save money in the grocery store, etc.  In my efforts to learn how to be frugal, I have come across some wonderful blogs for frugal moms.  No I'm not a mom, but I would like to learn how not to spend $100 every time I go to the grocery store.  Ridiculous!  I am learning that clipping coupons is like a game!  Always exciting to save money!   
I also have an obsession for cookbooks.  I LOVE to cook and I love cooking for people.  Especially for Brad :)  So when my mom and I were at Barnes & Noble I couldn't resist, I had to buy some new cook books.  In one of them, every meal is $7 or less.  This is so exciting!  There's nothing I hate worse than when me and Brad decided we are going to cook at home one night in order to "save" money and then the grocery bill ends up being more expensive than a meal out!  As much as I like cooking at home, NOTHING beats going out to eat with Brad.  Nothing.  I love it.  I have told him that if we ever get married, we will still have to go out to eat at least once a week.  I just enjoy having him all to myself and eating some good food :)  Plus, no dishes! That's always good, even though Brad will always clean up when I cook.  What a good boyfriend I have!
Well now I am off to make up an invite list for the shower! Have a great night!



An Un-Eventful Day

Today, for the most part, was  an un-eventful day.  My mom is home with me all week so I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or bad thing.  Haha, for the most part I think it's a good thing!  I found out today that I have an interview for a job this summer.  This job would be the perfect job for me.  My interview isn't for another couple of weeks, so keep your fingers crossed!  
If Kris Allen gets into the top 3 this week, then he gets to make a hometown visit!  This would be so exciting and means he gets to do a concert!!!! AHH!!! I'm going to be voting like crazy Tuesday night!
My oldest sister's birthday is today.  She is 27 years old now.  Wow! That sounds soooo old! lol.  Just think, she is 3 years away from being 30.  Wow, that is crazy!
I don't really have that much going on this week, but I am hoping to be able to make it up to the school for some observation hours.  I started tutoring a high school boy last week and I was really anxious about it.  I wasn't sure if I really knew enough Chemistry to tutor him.  But it went so well! I had forgotten how simple high school chemistry really is.  I'm so happy!  Now I have full confidence in my teaching abilities! Well this is all I have for now!



My Life List

I thought I would make a list of some things that I want to do in life.  It's always a good idea to put things to paper so you don't forget them :)

1.  Be a foster parent.
2.  Go somewhere on the European continent for my honeymoon.
3.  Be a bible study teacher again.
4.  Marry the man who actually makes me a better person.
5.  Be a teacher who makes a difference.
6.  Run in the St. Jude's Marathon
7.  Start an Up Til Dawn club at the high school I teach at.
8.  Raise kids who love the Lord.
9.  Become a member of my church.
10.  Learn the art of patience.
11.  Not be able to make it through the day without God.
12.  Give more than I receive.
13.  Learn how to be a valuable friend.
14.  Golf more :)
15.  Never forget the important things in life.

Alcoholic Beverages

Yesterday I went to Fayetteville to have some much needed R & R with Brad.  Ok so I didn't need the R & R, that was more for him, but I definitely needed some time with my man!  I understand the whole "distance makes the heart grow fonder thing", but I also believe that distance makes things in a relationship a tad bit more difficult.  I'm just ready for us to have a couple of "normal" weeks together before he leaves to go to camp.  
I move into my new apartment in less than a month and I am beginning to realize all the things that I need to buy that I haven't gotten yet.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and low on cash.  Haha.  
Yesterday Brad and I went to On the Border where I ordered my first alcoholic beverage in a restaurant.  Fun!  I ordered a Strawberry Margarita.  At first I didn't like the taste of the tequila in it,  but then after a while I realized I couldn't taste the tequila anymore.  Hmmm... Let's just say I could have definitely gotten drunk if I wasn't eating while I was drinking it.  Brad was laughing at me getting tipsy off of one drink.  
I was thinking about weddings today, seeing how a lot of my friends are engaged or soon to be engaged.  Everyone wants to rush to the altar to get married, and gets caught up in the excitement of planning a wedding but what happens after the wedding??  I mean of course you have a honeymoon, and setting up house, but then you are married.  Forever.  Sometimes I think girls forget this.  I think they get more excited about the fact that someone wants to marry them, than the idea that marriage is a lifelong commitment.  If you truly love each other then you will end up with that person forever anyways right?  So why rush it?  Why not wait until the timing is perfect.  I just don't want to get married at a young age and then look back on my life when I am 40 and realize that there was so much more I should have experienced rather than rushing to say "I do".  Just a thought.  I don't think everyone is wrong who gets married young, I just think some couples should probably wait and see if they are truly meant for each other or just together because it is comfortable.
I am very ready to be able to walk again.  It really bothers me to have to go from being very independent to being dependant on someone to even bring me my lunch.  It really bothers me.  This whole accident has really gotten me thinking about how precious life truly is.  In an instant your life can dramatically change.  You should never take any moment for granted.



Mess of a Dreamer

Isn't amazing how two days  can be so perfectly opposite from each other.  I seriously crack myself at times of how emotional and over dramatic I can be.  Today was a perfect day, for the most part.  It started with coffee at Steph's parent's house.  Her little baby brother was over there.  I think he is possibly the cutest toddler in the world.  He makes all the cute baby noises and faces and is always busy!  They also have an adorable new miniature Australian Shepard Puppy.  He is precious!  Then I went and had lunch with Clayton.  I hadn't seen him in at least over a year and it was great to get to catch up with him.  I forgot how comforting it can be when in the presence of good friends.  Isn't it amazing how fast time flys?  If you're not careful you can let a whole year pass without having a conversation with someone who used to be a close friend. 
I am watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians right now.  Seriously, this show cracks me up.  The things the sisters on here do to their mom reminds me so much of my sisters and our mom.  It's just such a funny show.
So my busy day ended with me being incredibly tired and exhausted.  I guess I'm just not ready to be going non-stop yet.  So instead of dinner out with my parents tonight, I stayed home and they went to dinner.  Oh well, looks like an early bedtime for me :)