I love it how God speaks to me constantly and truly adores me. We learned in Bible Study this past week that we are the apples of God's eye and that's so true! Here's an example, once upon a time I had a boyfriend who was very critical of me. He always had an opinion about what I did, and especially what I wore and how I looked. I could go on for days and days about how many things he "didn't" like about me, but who wants to hear that. The point it, it really began to wear on my self esteem because all I wanted was for him to tell me that I was beautiful. Thankfully, God has been teaching me that I am beautiful and one-of-a-kind and loved dearly. So one of the things this guy didn't like was when I would wear my hair curly. I've just started wearing it curly again this past week and let me tell you I've gotten a million compliments on how good it looks. Such reaffirmation from my Lord is so good!

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