Tonight I am completely overcome with conviction of how comfortable of a life I live. I squirm at the slightest signs of pain, hurt. I fear abandonment. Funny, I fear abandonment yet God has promised to NEVER leave and NEVER forsake me. So I fear being abandoned by people? I shouldn't fear what I know will come. People will abandon. It's what we do, in some way or form. We all abandon each other at some point. That's how Satan tries to trick, to fool us. He tells us that we are ALONE. ALONE. All by ourselves, that no one understands our shame, our misery. But that's not true. God completely understands and God is right there going through it with us. Bringing us through it.

So what else am I comfortable with?
I'm comfortable with where I live, the friends I have, the major I've chosen, the clothes I wear. All of these define me. But only one thing should. My love and devotion to a God who is so real that I can speak daily with Him. A God who comforts me, stirs me to action, breaks my heart over what it needs to be broken for. A God who KNEW me before I was formed. He places my steps where they should go, and protects me from any harm that is not for His glory. He strips me down to nothing but a stump when I need to be and then places a fence around that stump so NOTHING can hurt His precious daughter any further than what He has allowed.
He knows me and He speaks to me. He speaks through me. He can use me even when I am being so stubborn and don't want to be used. But I'm getting carried away with what He has done for me. He can for you too.

He knows you. He knows every thought you have, He knows your actions, your comings and goings. He knows the deepest desires of your heart, yes even the ones you're not aware of yet. He wants you to have freedom. Freedom comes with the Lord and anything apart from Him is just a false security. It comes with the night but never hangs around the next morning. God is there Every. Single. Morning. He loves you more deeply than you have ever been loved. He's asking you... will you give up your comfort for His presence?

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