I have always wanted to collect vintage plates. Kind of random, I know. But growing up I had a best friend named Ashley Tinnell. In her mom's house, she had a wall of plates. All different types of plates, and it was gorgeous! I loved the randomness of it, but everything coordinated in a unique way. So I'm going to begin collecting plates so I can do a plate wall of my own one of these days. Here are some that I love.
Of course I like this one, the colors are gorgeous and I love anything with a paisley print!

Ok, so this one is probably a bit weird, but considering the fact that I am a biologist and have spent many years studying human bodies, I think this plate with a heart on it is pretty cool!

My favorite flower of course!

Love the pattern on this one! Reminds me of some china my mom inherited from her grandmother.

I'm a flower girl, what can I say?


  1. LOVE the idea of a plate wall! maybe i coud paint you one custom for you!! FUN for me and u get another unique plate for your collection...sounds like a win-win to me :)

  2. Love these. So fun. I hope you do this neat idea! You are so creative and breezy cool. (yeah, I just made that up..)