Beth Moore Daniel Bible Study

I want to encourage everyone to go over to my friend Jessica's blog and check it out here ! She writes incredible reviews of the Bible study we are currently doing. I can't tell you enough about how amazing the Daniel Bible study is by Beth Moore. It's such a blessing, and incredible to experience it with such an amazing group of girls! Seriously, these girls are awesome, true women of God. It's amazing to see their passion for life, and most importantly God and others. I am so encouraged every single week. I really encourage anyone (ok maybe just girls), if you are looking for a Bible study to check out the Daniel one by Beth Moore. I have previously done Beth Moore studies, but this is by far my favorite one.

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  1. Jen, thank you so much for being so great first of all, and for the encouragement for everyone to check out the summaries! I know it is a women's study, but I have even had some guy friends find it insightful and useful! (well, the summary anyways, it would be interesting for them to go through the actual study with video and book...lol) But thanks again and I will keep posting. Love you Jen!