Praise His Name!

I'm beginning to think that God has his own comedy routine starting the one and only... ME. I'm not meaning that in a mad way, because actually I think its quite hilarious. In my Bible study last week, we learned that God knows EXACTLY how to get our attention. Well, I've learned that God can't get my attention in the subtle whispers, He has to roadblock it to me. Seriously. I don't listen otherwise.

My latest... Since last week when I learned that I could possibly graduate in May I had to get on the ball with a bunch of appointments and scheduling upcoming events. The main thing coming up is my MAT interview. This is such a blessing, when I received the email about signing up for an interview time, I quickly deleted it knowing that I wasn't going to graduate so there was no need for me to sign up for an interview. Well, fast forward to last week and I was having a slight panic attack because I honestly thought the interviews were in early February and that I had already missed the deadline, and didn't even know who to contact to ask. This is on Thursday night by the way. Well on Friday morning I receive an email from the MAT program head asking me to please sign up for an interview (he thought his email never made it to my inbox the first time around) and that interviews were this week and the next. GOD IS GOOD. So I happily signed up for an interview for this friday. Then, I realized that I needed to bring my portfolio to my interview. I had no clue what was to be included in this portfolio since I haven't attended any of the Pre-MAT meetings. Thankfully, my good friends Sarah and Ashley quickly got me on board and provided me with all the materials I needed! PRAISE GOD FOR FRIENDS :) One problem though, the portfolio is about 70-100 pages long and I only had 1 week to do it along with studying for a HUGE physics test. So thats where I was this morning, well after about an hour of serious stressing and trying to figure out how to extend my days (seriously we should have 36 hr days) I receive another email. This one asks me if there is any way that I could change my interview time to next Thursday. UMM YES! This gives me one more week to work on my portfolio! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Honestly, I think if I do anything but become a teacher I will probably be hit by a bus.

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