I come home for a long weekend and of course what do you know... I get sick. Luckily, Friday morning my mom was able to get me in to my family Physician. I have strep :( They gave me a shot in my hip to speed up the antibiotics, but I feel miserable. And of course I have to work on my huge portfolio, go figure. This is how life is... sickness never comes at a moment when you could actually lay around and just be sick. I guess this is my body's way of telling me that I need to slow down. So after I get my portfolio done, and my interview is over with I plan on slowing down a little bit :) I guess I will slow down a lot here in a couple of weeks when I have my surgery and am stuck on the couch! That week will be devoted to working on my Thesis!
On a good note, today when I get a break mom and I will do a little shopping :) I love shopping with my mom!

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