Since I am trying to control my addiction to fashion, I thought I would start making lists that way I can know what I absolutely cannot live without. Here are something I am currently loving...

F21 $3.80

This flower ring is just pretty. I love vintage things and this looks very vintage to me.
F21 $5.80

I always wear a lot of silver and gold together, so naturally I like these bracelets because they can be worn with anything.

F21 $29.80

Yes, I know that I already have a million pieces that look like this one, but who doesn't need one more?? They are so comfy, and great for lounging around the house.

F21 $17.80

I live in dresses and skirts in the summer, so this is a must for Spring 2010.


  1. Like these things, the vintage-esque ring and the long cardigan and the skirt...love them all. :) Thanks for visiting my post too dear! Love you as well!

  2. ok keep more like these coming b/c i love your fashion sense :) LOVE the ring btw...and the cardigan!1