God changes my plans so much that it is actually quite comical. Seriously. He changes the plans that He already changed once. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be learning through all of this, just to trust completely in Him? Probably. So.... I found out last Summer that I wasn't going to get to graduate in time due to a few degree requirements that were overlooked. So I changed my major in order to still be able to graduate on time. Then this fall, due to another degree requirement (frustration here with the U of A system, particularly Fulbright College) I realized that I could either work my butt of taking 18 hours of super hard classes this spring semester, plus work on my Thesis. Or I could take 18 hours of some hard classes, but not as strenuous and work on my thesis, and still be involved in all the things that I am involved in, but graduate in May putting off entering the MAT until Summer of 2011. After much wrestling with God over this, I realized that it is more important to me to be able to spend quality time with friends, be involved in Bible Studies, and continue working at my job that I love, than to graduate on time. What's another semester anyways? So I became perfectly o.k with graduating in December of 2010 ( a feat for me because honestly, before I would have done anything I could do to graduate on time). Along the way, I interned at UAMS over the winter break and really fell in love with Medical Research. I interviewed with several Doctors and was even offered a spot in the Biophysics and Physiology Masters program there. Anyways.... Just as I was settling in on this idea, I was reminded why I wanted to teach in the first place (1. I seem to have a gift for helping people understand difficult concepts 2. I really love Biology and Chemistry 3. I have a passion for the high school age group and really want to make a difference in such a crucial time in their lives) Also, I have received a pretty big scholarship that will completely pay for my masters program plus give me a stipend to live off of. Wouldn't I be silly not to take advantage of *free* money? So just as I was beginning to consider teaching again, I receive an email from my scholarship advisor, Gay Stewart. Although I did not enjoy the subject in which I had Dr. Stewart in class for, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful of a person she is. Out of no where, she begins to ask me about my plans for graduation and tells me that there are ways to go around my problem. She is even willing to say that I took classes in her Physics department in order to give me more hours. She is literally bending over backwards for me, in order to get me to enter into the MAT program this Summer. She is great really. So after a million emails back and forth, it is looking like with a little effort, and some bending of the system..... I could actually graduate in MAY. WOW. Really God? I guess someone above has some pretty BIG plans for me as a teacher. Bring. It. On.


  1. WOW!!! congrats!! lol and yes...that was a pretty comical blog post i can not lie...anyways i'm happy for you! i know He has big plans for you ma'am!! can't wait to read the next chapter! ;)

  2. Jen, :) You are level headed when it comes to these kinds of things. So face it without fear! If your listening to God, what can go wrong? (Through the fire, by the fire, with it? yeah? ) Love ya.