Miss America 2010

Last night I went to sleep hearing the soft clink*clink*clink* of sleet and freezing rain against my window and this morning I woke up to a world of white. I don't think we've gotten much snow, just sleet, but it's enough to keep me inside which is all I want anyways. I love snow days because it's a whole day where you can do nothing but stay inside and -sigh- get caught up on all the things that you've been needing to do. It's like an extra day in the week and who doesn't need one of those? Amazingly enough the University actually cancelled classes at 9 last night instead of waiting until 5 in the morning like they usually do. Right now, my roommate and her boyfriend are discussing whether or not they should attempt to drive home to Heber for the weekend. I'm hoping they don't because if they do, I will be all alone here.

On another note, tomorrow night is Miss America 2010. The greatest night of the whole year. I always love watching the Miss America pageant, but this year I am doubly excited because we actually have a contestant in it who has a really great chance of winning! Not just *hope* she wins, but REALLY could win!! That would be so awesome! One person that I don't get the hype for is Puerto Rico. First of all, should PR be allowed in Miss America? I don't think of PR as being in America. She's absolutely gorgeous, true, but most of those girls are. I just don't get why the press goes crazy when she walks into a room. She has a lot of sex appeal, sure, but I'm sure she's not very smart. Ok, that was mean of me, but I'm supporting our Arkansas girl here! So, as long as the roads are decent--Amy, Tressa, and I will be heading out to Erin's house to watch MA and cheer on Sarah. You should too!!

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