The news constantly flowing in from Haiti is tragic to say the least. While everywhere we turn we are bombarded with devastating images, I am concerned about the state of my heart. I know that God has bestowed upon me the spiritual gift of Mercy. I can completely empathize with people over tragedy, grief, loss, and tribulations to the point of going into complete despair if I let myself get that far. I was broken hearted over 9/11, completely devastated over Hurricane Katrina. I cry at every episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and am so heartbroken over the poor teenager's lives on Teen Mom. Why then, do I feel absolutely nothing for the victims of Haiti? Why? I am so appalled to admit this. Has my heart become hard? Have I experienced so much suffering over this past year that I am becoming cold to other's sufferings? I sure hope not. I don't understand the state of my heart. Is it because I have learned that no matter how great a trial God will always prevail in the end? I'm not sure, but I do know that the state of my heart needs to change...

Until then... here is a great website of a family who are missionaries in Haiti. Pray for them, it also shows great ways to donate.


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  1. i can relate to that...i kinda feel the same way. i think it's because we are so far away, it's almost like a movie more than a reality. anyway...i love you! and yes mercy is your gift so i wouldn't fret over it too much my dear, your heart was made for others. :)