Random Thoughts

Here are random thoughts of my day which started entirely too early this morning:

  • I just looked in my closet and realized that I have 6 pairs of tan boots that all look practically the same. I should probably give some of those to goodwill.
  • For the past week I have had NO apatite. Seriously, just the thought of food makes me gag. It's so annoying. I have to force myself to eat things. Normally, I'll eat anything and everything and wish I had no appetite. Then when I actually don't, I wish I did. So annoying.
  • My books cost $609.83 this semester. That's ridiculous. But I always love getting new books. I'm a nerd like that.
  • I was actually bored in Organic Chemistry this morning. That's a first.
  • I've been having problems sleeping lately which is very annoying. My mind is just too busy. Annoying again.
  • I'm so happy to be back at school with all my friends!
  • It's always nice to have someone ride to school with you. Reminds me of high school days.
  • Some of my books this semester are paperback and I'm so happy! Much lighter to carry around!
  • Every MWF I have a 4 hour break until my next class. I can already tell it's going to turn into nap time. Not good.
  • As much as I say I'm not a morning person, I'm unusually perky after I've taken a shower. But don't talk to me before then.
  • I will make coffee every morning just for the smell. It's a great way to wake up.

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