Well, my mom told me today that Fayetteville is supposed to get a lot of snow/ice on Thursday and in true Arkansas fashion my roommate and I headed to Wal-Mart to stock up. Actually, we were already planning on a grocery trip, but we did pick up a lot more than usual just in case we have a snow day or two (fingers crossed). In fact, this is probably the most food our little pantry has seen in a long time. It's always nice to have food in the house...

On another note, we also traveled up to Rogers to purchase our Bible study books for our new study that will begin this Wednesday. We have chosen to do the "Daniel" study by Beth Moore. I am so excited. First, I LOVE love LOVE Beth Moore studies. Second, I love the girls that are in my Bible study group! What could be better?

I've been on a CD kick here lately, and am always picking up a new CD when I'm at Lifeway or Mardels. Today's CD of choice? Francessca Barcelli (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), her music has really great lyrics and a lot of piano in it. I'm loving it so far.

Next week, I have three tests. Count 'em. THREE. Have I began studying? Nope, not a lick. I probably won't start either until, umm... Sunday. Dear Graduation? Why aren't you here yet? Furthermore, why aren't I graduating in MAY?? Ugh.

I have two things to add to my lifelist.
I want to direct a pageant.
Ok I forget the other one, but it was good!

Oh, and I have had a slight addiction to a vitamin called Melatonin. My mom introduced me to it because I had been having problems sleeping. Melatonin just regulates your sleep patterns so you sleep better. Well now the problem is, I fall right to sleep but wake up at 3 a.m after only having 4 hours of sleep wide awake. Not cool. So tonight will be night 1 Melatonin free. Lets see how I do. Ha

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