So I was a Tri Delt in college.  Delta Delta Delta.... for a little while at least.  Anyway, every sorority in college has a mascot.  Ours was a dolphin.  In fact, we had a dolphin tank in the basement ;)

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this.

Well, my best friend Ashley was a Chi Omega and my other best friend Christi was a Kappa Kappa Gamma.  Yep, we made up the 3 houses at the top of the hill, all right next to each other yet all completely different.  That's kind of how our friendship goes though...

So Chi Omega's mascot was the owl.  EVERYONE knows that Chi O's are owls.  They take total pride in being owls.  Everything they own has an owl on it.

Well, Kappa's mascot is also an owl.  And a flour de lies.  AND a golden key.

You'd think they could just pick one. (I mean if I was a Kappa, I'd choose the flour de leis)

Well, so I've always wondered if it bothered the Chi O's that Kappas were owls too.  I mean, we all know that the OWL is Chi Omega territory.  Just walk into Ashley's house/go shopping with her.  She's very partial to owls.

So answer my question for me, would you be offended if another sorority was using your mascot?

(I know that for most who read my blog, this post is incredibly petty/childish.  BUT it really is something I've always wondered about).


  1. hahaha. i've always wondered that too. but i never asked the question because i've never been in a sorority (go jbu) so i didn't know if it was a silly question to ask. at first i would be like, 'no way, kappa. drop the owl!' but now i'm like, 'well there a million different sports teams that have a tiger mascot. so maybe its not a big deal.' then again, if someone else decided to be the razorbacks, i'd be pissed.

    so. there ya go.

  2. Did you know that Phi Delta Theta, a men's fraternity, is also the owl?

    Also, Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded before Chi Omega (KKG was 1870, Chi Omega was 1895). Kappa chose three symbols: the owl, the key and the fleur-de-lis shortly after its creation-- a good few years before Chi Omega was founded. Because Kappa was founded in Monmouth, IL and Chi O was founded at the University of Arkansas, it's very unlikely that one "stole" from the other.

    Many Greek organizations have more than one symbol, or a "mascot," and a flower. For example, Alpha Phi has the ivy and the Phi bear.

    Hope that helps! :)