Snow Day Part 2

It's a gorgeous snow day again!  I absolutely love this time of year, I love the excitement my students get when snow is approaching, I love turning on the T.V only to realize the school district I teach in is closed.  I love the peacefulness snow gives, the silence as it creeps to earth.  
Of course, I still woke up at 6 am this morning, but I'm delighting in the fact that I have a whole day with nothing that I have to do.  I'm planning on cooking some yummy soup, baking chocolate cookies that we certainly do not need, and finishing reading "Water for Elephants" (which is a must read, by the way).
And while I'm thinking of what I'm going to do today, I thought I would post some of my goals for the next year, mainly so I'll remember them.  Most of these goals won't get accomplished until the Summer, when I'm off work, but that's ok.

1.  Learn HTML code.  This way I can create blog templates for me and my friends and do all sorts of other cool things.
2.  Learn photoshop.  I have CS5 on my computer, yet have NO clue how to use it.  Photoshop is seriously the most confusing program I've ever used.  Everyone knows I love photography, but I love editing photos even more!
3.  Apply for teaching jobs!  (Ok so I really should get started on this one ASAP)
4.  Read through the Bible.  I'm one of those girls that only likes to read the part of the Bible that applies to the situation I'm in.  So my goal is to read through the entire Bible.

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