I have a slight obsession with having white teeth.  It probably stems from my years of being a pageant girl, but I just hate it if my teeth aren't super white.  I'm also obsessed with Crest Vivid White toothpaste.  Try it, it's amazing.  So I ran out of toothpaste yesterday, and bought a new tube.  It came with a sample of the new Crest White Strips Professional.  I decided to try them.  I'm no newcomer to white strips, but I normally have really bad experiences with them.  Like, they KILL my teeth after having them on for 5 minutes.  I put these on last night and they were awesome (or so I thought).  They didn't hurt at all and stayed put the entire 30 minutes I wore them.  Yes, 30 minutes.  Can you tell where this story is going?  I was pretty proud for getting through the entire 30 minutes without pain and thought that I had found my new love.  Went to bed, yadda yadda.
Woke up in the middle of the night in intense pain.  I'm telling you it was intense!  I seriously thought that my teeth were going to fall out.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Hurt so bad.  Hurt so much that I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.  Ow.  I could barely brush my teeth this morning without crying they hurt so bad.  
So off I go to school.  The slightest amount of air on my teeth is excruciating, they are that sensitive right now.  It wasn't fun having to teach/talk all day without smiling (which if you know me, is hard).  I'm sure I looked pretty silly.  
So that's my stupid story.  Don't use the white strips.  They're horrible.  My teeth are still hurting regardless of how many tylenol I've popped all day.

On another note, my roommate and I volunteered to distribute flyers for our church's new campus in Fayetteville tonight.  Well it sounded all fine and dandy until we realized that today is the coldest day all year.  Brr... We are going to freeze our little booty's off.  We have to do 55 houses too, so think of us tonight while you're in your warm and cozy houses :)

And so I should also do a plug for our church!  The first service in Fayetteville is THIS SUNDAY at 9:15 and 10:55 so if you don't go to church anywhere else you should come hang out with us!  Lots of fun!  

Finally,  celebrate with me because I finally finished both my IRB proposal and my application for the Knowles Science Teaching Fellowships!  This is a HUGE stress relief and now all I have to do is sit and wait :)  I'm getting pretty good at that.

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