Snow Day, Finally

I wanted to have a snow day so badly on Monday.  Sunday evening I was studying with my friend Brittany, (who I also teach with) and we were so excited when we walked outside and realized it was snowing.  I was really hoping to have a snow day on Monday because I had so much work that I needed to get done, and a day off would be the perfect opportunity to get it all done.  Well, Monday morning came and although there was snow all around, Springdale schools weren't closed.  Fayetteville schools were, but Springdale... Nope.  So off to school I went, slipping and sliding everywhere.  Including busting my butt in the parking lot while walking in to school... fun.  
But the day ended up being great.  I rearranged my lessons a little bit so my students would have somewhat of an easy day, and I was able to finish my IRB proposal.  
God always knows what's best, and He knew that I didn't need a day to work, but simply a day to rest.  I finished all my work last night, and woke up this morning to snowy streets and no school! All of us in the MAT program are hoping for lots of snow days because we don't have to make them up at the end of the year!
So, muffins are in the oven.  The roommate is asleep on the sofa.  The bachelor is playing in the background, and I plan on doing nothing today but catching up on my guilty pleasures.
Happy Snow Day!  

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