A Trip to the Hospital

My precious roommate, Tressa, has been really sick for the past 3 weeks.  She has been scaring us because we haven't been able to figure out just what was wrong with her.  Last night, I woke up at 1am to my phone vibrating.  This was totally a God thing because normally I won't even hear my phone ring when I'm asleep.  I answered it, and it was Tressa, crying in the other room.  I ran into her room to experience her having a series of mini seizures.  Scared both of us to death.  I went outside in the snow to attempt to get the snow and ice off my car so I could drive her to the hospital.  It was a scary drive in the ice with Tressa trying to control her pain.  Her boyfriend, Ben, is a doctor and he met us there.
Several hours later, Tressa is home with a passed kidney stone and lots and lots of painkillers and antibiotics. I get to play nurse Jen, and take care of my sick roommate while we cuddle up with blankets and watch movies.
Praise the Lord that hopefully Tressa is on the road towards healing now, and the worst is behind her!

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