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It's no lie that I love to decorate.  Blame it on growing up in a home where my parents constantly rearranged our furniture on a monthly basis, and I was allowed absolute creative design of any bedroom I ever had.  I enjoy decorating so much more now that I have my own apartment which I can experiment with on a daily basis.  Through in a roommate who works at quite possibly the greatest decorating store in Northwest Arkansas, Riffraff, and our apartment is never lacking in decor.  In fact, we are known to put decorations in the trunks of our cars when we grow tired of them and have nothing else to store them in.

I'm not shy to use tons of color and patterns in our apartment, and my roommate has a love of words.  I'll save a peak at our decorating style for a later post, since currently our apartment is in shambles due to a sick roommate, and an emergency trip to the E.R in the early hours of the morning.  For now, I'll let you in on some of my inspiration that stays in a little folder on my computer.

I love raise bars and islands.  Our raised bar in our apartment is one of my favorite things.  It's a great place to sit and talk while one of use is cooking dinner, or working on schoolwork, or even blogging :)
I also love, love see through cabinetry.  Of course, I should probably never have them since my own cabinets stay quite messy, but they would be great for someone who is super organized, like my friend Christi!

I adore white furniture and white walls.  When paired together, they create an element of cleanliness and modernity.  The base of the table adds a rustic element, which is in stark contrast to the contemporary design of the chandelier.  Throw in some aqua accents, such as the picture and the vase of the table, and you have a very simple, yet put together dining area.

This kitchen screams my name.  I love the varying patterns that all correlate to each other, along with the different colors of wood.  I've always wanted a breakfast nook that has a bench.  This kitchen allows for lots of seating to be sure that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

How I love this armoire.  It's very modern, yet the design is very antique.  I love the matching lamps and bright yellow to add a splash of color.  This would look great in an entryway or hallway.

I imagine this little seating nook in a master bedroom.  A perfect place to read, or have a quiet time.  

I adore this kitchen.  It has a very European feel.  I love the sunken stove/oven area.  The island is large enough to have plenty of space for preparing food, and I love the open shelves in the background which house a variety of cookware.  I think a shelf for hanging copper pots and pans would make a perfect finishing touch to this kitchen.

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