Reading List Revisited

It's no lie that I read a LOT.  I would much rather read a book than watch t.v.  Since I read so much, I go through at least one book a week.  So here's my new list!

Water For Elephants- This is an amazing story to read.  Such a good way to just escape the evening and curl up with a good book.  I loved it!

The Saber-Tooth Curriculum-  You probably shouldn't read this if you're not in the field of Education.  But if you are, then it's a must read.  It's incredibly sarcastic and witty, and ironically still applicable today, 50 years after it was first written.

I just started reading this, and I already LOVE it.  It's so unbelievably inspirational, seriously I want to jump on the next plane and go build schools in Pakistan with Greg now!  It makes me think of the Middle Eastern culture in a complete new light, and about what our part as Americans should be.  

This is the sequel to "Three Cups of Tea" and so I figured I might as well put in on my list, since I love the first so much already.

Ok, I love Pioneer Woman ya'll.  Seriously... If I knew where she lived I would probably stalk her local grocery store just so I could "casually" run into her.  If you've never been to her website before, go there right now!  She has the most amazing recipes on there, and every single one of them is super easy to make.  I cook her stuff all. the. time.  
So she married a cowboy, and a while ago she posted her "love story" on her website in segments.  I read most of it, but I hate reading stuff on the computer.  Well, problem solved!  Her love story is going to be in novel form in February!  You can bet I'm pre-ordering.  I'm going to go ahead and say that you should too, you won't be sorry!

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