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Tressa and I were discussing earlier today about how hard it's going to be next September, having been finally cut -off from the financial stability our parents have provided us for so long (ok, probably a bit TOO long, but hey we're not complaining).

Here are our top 5 ways to save money next year (obviously some of these we're not totally serious on)

1.  Do without cable.  Ours is $135.00 every month.  Redic, I know.  We have cable boxes and DVR in every bedroom, plus all the movie channels.  Pretty sure we can both do without this.  I mean, you can watch everything on your computer now anyways, so why not just invest in one of those little cords to hook the computer up to the tv?  Sounds like a plan to me!

2.  Join a gym and take showers there.  That will cut down on both water and electricity!

3.  Leave the oven door open after you've cooked something.  INSTANT space heater!  (Confession:  I actually already do this because I'm so dang cold natured)

4.  Stock up on fans in the summer and space heaters in the winter.  Who cares if your home is a fire hazard, we're saving money here!

5.  Only run the dishwasher/do laundry when it's absolutely necessary.

When all else fails, call home and explain how unreasonable it is that you're being cut-off at 23 years of age when your other siblings managed to string along far longer than that.  Explain that sometimes being responsible is so overrated and you would like to postpone entering the real-world until you have a better grasp on your financial stability, which obviously they could help you reach by simply taking over a couple of bills.  After all, it would reduce stress and prevent premature aging.  Do they really want their daughter looking that a tired 40 year old in her mid-twenties?  I think not.

Joking, of course ;)

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