Life's Love

I have been surrounded by incredible relationships my entire life.  In my mind, my parents have the greatest marriage on Earth.  I hope to one day, have a marriage that even slightly resembles theirs.  I think this is why most would say that I have incredibly high standards and expectations in relationships, I don't just want to settle for an ordinary love.
My mom often says that my dad is her life's love.  He's the love of her life.  My mom was married and divorced before she met my dad.  She understands what's it like to be with the wrong person.  I feel as though she has taught me so much about the importance of finding your "life's love".  About not just settling for what comes along.
My dad is the most amazing man.  He completely spoils me with love and attention, and I understand that it makes dating me extremely hard.  I realize though, that I would rather wait the next 10 years for the love of my life to come along, than settle and end up in a loveless marriage.  My greatest fear is to wake up one day, years down the road and realize that I made an incredible mistake.
Plus, by waiting.... I still get to dream.

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