Supposed To Be

Yesterday I was supposed to be hopping on a plane with my best friend.  Yesterday I was supposed to be heading to Vegas for my first time ever.  Yesterday I was supposed to be sitting at the final Prelim for Miss America.  Tomorrow I was supposed to be at Miss America.  Why you ask then, am I still here in Arkansas?

Well.... because I failed my Earth Science Praxis by one miserable little point.



I was in disgust when I saw it.  First of all, I've never failed anything in my life.  Second of all, because I knew that meant that my plans for Miss America were going to be postponed a year, because now I am having to spend 5 hrs tomorrow in a testing room instead of in a suite in Vegas.

But I DO hope that my best friend and amazing roomie has the time of her life in Vegas cheering on our friend and former fellow competitor, Alyse Eady, and hanging out with some of my most favorite people in the whole world.

And I'm going to pass that stinking test, dangit!

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