Update on the Bucket List

1. Go cow tipping.
Ironically this is the first thing I think of.
2. Go camping in the middle of the forest.
3. Shoot a perfect free throw.
4. Complete a marathon.
5. Go on a vacation by myself.
6. Drive to California.
7. Go to San Antonio. (Possibly our girls trip this summer :))
8. Vacation in Greece.
9. Take a photography class.
10. Buy a Nikon D40 camera.  (My sister got one, and since we share everything anyways I figure this is fine)
11. Teach a little kids Sunday School class.
12. Adopt a child.
13. Learn how to use a lighter, a real one.
14. Learn how to shoot a gun. A real gun, the ones that kill people.
15. Fall in love. The everlasting kind of love.
16. Learn Yoga.
17. Laugh every single day.  (My students help me with this)
18. Give a complete random person $100
19. Work in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.
20. Go to New York. (Doing this THIS Summer!!!)
21. Meet Karen Kingsbury.
22. Make a difference in someone's life. (Thanks to teaching, again)
23. Ace a ridiculously hard class. (Thanks to Immunology last year)
24. Overcome incredible obsticles.
25. Get the metal taken out of my leg.
26. Buy a dog.
27. Learn how to bake at least one thing really well.
28. Buy a subscription to every magazine that I read.
29. Memorize one new bible verse every week for a year.
30. Learn how to play chords.
31. Learn to sail.
32. Swim with Sharks
33. Play poker at a Casino in Vegas (I DID learn how to play poker, just haven't done it in Vegas yet)
34. Go Skinny Dipping. (Remember Summer's crazy party last year?)
35. Learn how to dive (Yes I can't Dive)
36. Go on an African Safari
37. Invent a cure for something.
38. Dance in the Rain
39. Sing Kareoke at a bar
40. Attend the Miss America Pageant (to watch) (SO CLOSE!! NEXT YEAR!)
41. Eat Lobster in New England.
42. Take Cooking Lessons
43. Take Painting Lessons
44. Flip a house.
45. Learn how to drive a stick.
46. Eat pastries in Paris.
47. Spend an entire week holed up in a Cabin with my husband, with no connection to the outside world.
48. Attend the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockafeller Square.
49. Own an Acura MDX.
50. Drink wine in Napa Valley, CA
51.  Judge my high school pageant.
52.  Get a teaching job in a good school district.    (Bentonville High School!!!)
53.  Become a Knowles Fellow   (I'm gonna say Noyce Fellow counts)
54.  Move closer to family.
55.  Learn to be a healthy eater.
56.  Cook dinner for my parents weekly.
57.  Take up violin again.
58.  Attend the taping of a television show.
59.  Visit Australia.
60.  Teach my niece how to do something.

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