Snow, Snow, Snow

I'm not really sure if I've ever talked about my dad's job on here.  I've been meaning to do a post on that, just because I am so proud of him!  But, I haven't yet.  Maybe I'll do one this week!

Anyway, a little preview:  My dad is a retired Air Force Pilot.  Translation:  I've moved all over the country in my short 22 years on this earth, with the most important of those years being spent in Arkansas after my dad retired from the military.  So I like to say I've had the best of both worlds:  I'm incredibly cultured from moving all over the place, yet I'm proud to have "grown up" in a small town and have some of the best friends who still reside in that same town.

My favorite place we ever lived was Virginia.  We lived in Centreville, VA which was 20 miles outside of Washington, D.C.  I LOVED it.  While we were there, we experienced the blizzard of '98.  In the blizzard of '98 we received up to 8 feet of snow in some areas.  Our entire walk-out basement door was covered by snow.  Us kids had fun building igloos, having snow ball fights, and sledding down the massive hill in our backyard.  OF COURSE, I would of been the one to get hurt and break my other leg during that time... but you should know me well enough to guess that by now.

We experienced lots of snow during our time in VA, and so you would think I would be an old-pro at snowstorms and not get all excited and crazy like the rest of the south when snow comes our way.  Wrong!  I don't know what it is, maybe it's the mob effect, but I get just as crazy as the rest of them.  I mean, you can never be too prepared right?  So I went to Walmart last night, to stalk up on a few necessities, with the rest of NWA.  It was a mad house there, but I loved it.  Everyone racing for the last jug of milk, carton of eggs, etc.  Everyone bracing/hoping for a snow storm just bad enough to cancel school for a few days, yet not for a repeat of the Ice Storm of '09.  Yet, still stocking up just in case it is in fact a repeat of the Ice Storm of '09.

I love the fact that in NWA when the meteorologists call for snow, you know for a fact you're gonna get some snow!  It started icing/sleeting at 4 am this morning.  Light sleeper I am, I heard it all clinking against my window.  5 am:  I checked the news and *YES* no school for me!  And now, since 8 am it has been snowing continually.  It's gorgeous, and peaceful, and perfect.

Except, for I feel really bad for the little birds outside my door looking for food.  What can I throw them to eat?

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