Ashley's 23rd Birthday!

Yesterday was Ashley's 23rd Birthday, and her sweet husband, Ian, set up a surprise dinner for her!

A little about Ashley (read more HERE and HERE and HERE):
Ash and I have been friends for 17 years.  Wow.  That's a long time when you type it out.  She moved to Arkansas from Kentucky in the 1st grade and we were placed in the same first grade class!  We instantly become best friends... however you do that when you're 6.  Sadly, I moved away in the second grade, but we continued to be friends.  We would write letters and send each other birthday gifts.  I remember for one birthday she sent me a "Hallelujah Hop" c.d.  I thought it was so cool!  Every time we would go back to Arkansas to visit family, Ash and I would always get to play together and we would pick up right where we left off!

In the 5th grade, my family moved back to Arkansas, and our moms arranged for us to be on the same team in middle school.  All throughout middle school, junior high, and high school we were as close as can be.  After our senior year of high school, Ash decided to go to ASU whereas I decided to go to Belmont in Nashville, TN.  Luckily, we both decided our hearts were at the U of A and moved there the following year.

Of course we've had our share of fights and disputes, but through it all we've remained great friends, and I'm so lucky to have Ash in my life.  She's quite possibly the funniest person you will ever meet.  Just ask her to tell you a joke, and 20 minutes later when she's finally spit out the joke you'll be crying from laughing so hard.  We have a dance named after Ash called the "finger dance" and well... that's another post in itself.  Let's just say Ash wasn't gifted in the rhythm department, but she was a heck of a cheerleader!
She's the type of person that will tell it like it is, whether you want to hear it or not.  She's incredibly sweet too, and has a total heart for children.  She wants to be an elementary teacher.  Oh, and her hubby's not too bad either!

Soooo.... Happy Birthday Ash!!!

***All the pictures came from Ashley's mom***

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