Ashley's Wedding Countdown Begins!

My best friend is getting married a month from today!  She is the third in our little group of 5 to become someone's wife.  In a month, Christi and I will be the only single ladies left.  In a little over a year I can predict that I will be the only single girl left :)

Her love story is so unique that I thought I should tell ya'll about it.  So here is my short version... If you want the long one you'll have to ask ash!

Ash and Ian met in the 6th grade and became instant friends.  They also "went out" or whatever you do at that age.

Well, after 7th grade Ian and his family moved back to Alaska.  Him and Ashley continued to be friends.

They remained friends all through high school, talking on the phone for hours upon end...

Ashley always told us she was going to marry Ian.  We told her she was crazy.

Then, after our sophomore year of college, Ian moved back to Arkansas to attend the U of A!  He told Ashley though that he wasn't moving back just for her, and that he didn't want her to expect them to start dating....

That lasted maybe a couple of weeks, but soon they were dating.

Ian proposed to Ash last January in Alaska.

They are the sweetest, most fun couple.  I love being around them!

Ash,  I'm so happy for you!! I'm so glad that you're finally marrying the man of your dreams and the one you always knew you'd marry all along.  I love how Ian makes you a better woman, and how much he loves and adores you.  I can't wait to spend summers at the beach with our little families and see yall move all over the world as Ian lives out his dream of being in the Air Force.  I love the both of you so so much and I can't wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day!

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