Ashley's Bachelorette Party

Last weekend, a bunch of us girls traveled to Hot Springs for Ashley's Bachelorette!  We had such a fun time celebrating Ashley's last days of being a single girl...  I didn't get that many pictures on my camera because we took most of them on Ashley's mom's camera.  But here are a few that I did get, and I'll post the rest when I get a chance :)

The weekend in review:
First, I picked up Ash and we headed to meet the rest of the girls at a nail salon where we all got manis/pedis, munched on some cookies and just caught up on all the latest gossip in our busy, busy lives.  After our pedis, Ashley, Morgan and I headed to Jason's deli for a quick bite while the rest of the girls went on to Hot Springs to decorate the lake house we were staying in.  They did such a great job! Everything looked so so cute when we arrived!  Then, in typical girl fashion, we began to get ready to go out to dinner.  It was so fun because it felt like we were all back in high school, doing each other's hair and makeup, and singing along to the music.  Dinner was at a seafood restaurant right on the lake.  It was a great atmosphere with some pretty amazing food :)  After dinner we went back to the Lake House where we ate WAY too many sweets, had Ash's lingerie shower, play some fun/silly games, and just enjoyed having the night to spend with all our best friends.  It was definitely needed  before we all start a very busy school year (4 of us are teachers).  Sunday morning we all slept in, cleaned up the lake house, went out to breakfast, and then headed back to lovely Central Arkansas.  Overall, it was a great weekend and a bit bittersweet as we are about to marry off another one of the girls that we have literally "grown up" with.

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