I should win the award for eating the most spoiled food.  Seriously.

I.  Never.  Learn.

I'm pretty good at cleaning out our refrigerator, you know once every couple weeks.  And I try to always throw out anything that has expired.  Still, I have taken one too many mouth fulls of spoiled milk (yuck) to think I would learn to become better.

Our pantry, however, is a different story.  I thought things in the pantry lasted long time.  Evidently they do not.

The story begins several months ago when I grab a Sunny D out of the refrigerator.  Back when I had moved back to Fayetteville when my leg was still broken, my parents took great efforts in buying all my drinks pre-packaged so I wouldn't have any problem carrying them around.  This is where Sunny D came into play.  Well... that was a LONG time ago.

Nevertheless, I still thought my Sunny D in the fridge was ok.  In my mind, pre-packaged = never expires.

I began to drink it, and noticed it tasted a bit too tangy, I still drank it anyways.  As I was throwing away the carton I saw the expiration date.   Oops.  It was over a year expired.  My stomach felt funny afterwards.

Moving on...

If there's one thing I hate the most in this world, it's popcorn.  Hate it.  Despise it.  Can't even stand the smell.  Well, my roommate loves popcorn, so I put up with it.  The other night, she popped a bag of popcorn and it burned. She threw it out and popped another bag.  Burned again.  Hmm...  She popped another bag.  Burn.  By this point our apartment is reeking of burned popcorn smell.  She pops another bag, and another.  Evidently, popcorn expires and when it expires, it burns.

Last but not least.

You know those fruit snacks you used to buy in high school from the concession stand?  Ok, maybe YOU don't because you didn't go to my high school, but they were the thing to buy at lunch.  They're basically fruity flavored gummies and they're really good.  Well, you can buy them at Sams, and a while ago I bought a container of them.  I gladly packed some in my lunch today and was looking forward to the fruity, chewy goodness that awaited me.  I put one in my mouth, and noticed it tasted a little funny.  I checked the back of the bad... Expired March 28, 2010.

Looks like I'll be cleaning my pantry out this weekend.

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