Dear Macbook

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my macbook, or really any apple product in general.  In my opinion, Macs are just so much simpler than PCs.  Yet, regardless of how much I love my mac, it has been on my bad side these past several weeks.

It all started when I was trying to run my updates for my computer.  It wouldn't let me update Itunes because it said I didn't have the latest version of OSX (Apple's  version of Windows).  No big deal, I though, I don't need the new version of itunes any way.  WRONG.  Now my iphone won't connect to my computer because of my old version of itunes.  Also, I can't download any new software because of my old version of OSX.

So after doing research, I realized that I just needed the new version of OSX and I would be set to go.  It's only $30, so I didn't really mind.  I ordered the software and it came in last week.  When it arrived on my doorstep, I excitedly brought it in to install on my handy dandy macbook.

Oh wait.

It won't.

Seems I don't have enough RAM to install it.  The Apple people never bothered to tell me I might need more ram.

So off I venture to MegaByte, our apple care provider here in NWA.  Me and the people at MegaByte are on a first name basis by now, as often as I've been there.

Still not complaining, I love my mac.  I'm loyal.

So they install 3x the amount of RAM on my computer for a little under $100.  Ok... getting more pricey here, but still not so bad.

I get home, once again anxious to install my new software.


It won't work.  It makes my computer make funny noises and freeze.

So I eject the software and resume using my old outdated version of OSX hoping maybe today I might be able to install it.

Side note...  Last night we went out to dinner for a surprise Birthday party for one of my best friends, Ashley.  As I was getting ready I had my pandora set to Nelly (my favorite getting ready station haha).  As I was leaving, I simply shut my computer.

So I get to school this morning, open up my macbook ready to instruct my students, and it BLASTS Ludacris.  Frantically I try to hit the volume button (dosen't work), I try to close the computer.... it's still blaring "bend over to front, touch your toes".  My face is growing redder by the minute.  I turn the computer off.... Ahhh... silence.

I turn the computer back on..... it BLARES "we want a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets".

Dear Macbook.... we might have to break up.

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