Weekend in Fayetteville

This past weekend was just WONDERFUL!!

On Friday, I rode up with Steph to Fayetteville.  She was going to visit Christi for the weekend and I of course wanted to see my man!  It was great getting to chat with her.  I seriously had not "really" seen her since her wedding back in August.  Wow,  I need to become better about keeping up with friends.  Anyway,  she was cracking me up with all of her newlywed chatter.  Makes me realize that for right now,  I'm just content with how things are with Brad and I.  I enjoy dating him!  I know there will be a time for marriage,  but that time is definitely not right now!

Once we got to Fayetteville, Brad picked me up from Christi's, but then he had to go ref :(  I hate it when he has to ref when I'm in town...   After he got back and showered we decided to go to Shogun.  It was great because we got right in and normally there is a 3 hour wait on the weekends.  I was craving sushi all week long, so we ordered 2 rolls.  Yum!  SO good.  Then of course we had to get the traditional Shogun dinner too.  We just can't go to Shogun and not get it.  I had steak and Brad had chicken.  Very typical.  Needless to say, we were STUFFED afterwards.  Around 11 we just went out to Goshen, which is where I stay when I visit on the weekends and chatted with his parents before heading downstairs to get ready for bed.

Saturday morning,  I awoke to his parent's dog, Sasha, running around with my bra in her mouth.  Perfect.  But she's so dang cute that you can't get mad at her.  We had a busy day ahead of us so we went ahead and got ready.  We had to go sign the lease for my new apartment.  I am so excited!  My roommate, Stephanie, was there too so after we got everything squared away at my apartment, we went to eat Mexican.  A definite favorite of mine and Brad's!  Now I hate it when you go to eat Mexican and smell awful afterwards.  We had to go to a wedding after that too, so here I am at this wedding reeking of Mexican food.  It was embarrassing, and of course Brad had to point it out to everyone we sat by.  It was my first wedding reception to go to that had alcohol.  It was exciting!  I definitely liked that reception better, so the drinks will be flowing at my wedding! hah!  After the reception, we went to dinner with the Brown family.  I just love them so much!  Then we went and rented some movies, and just vegged out the rest of the night.  Perfect!

Sunday was a busy day.  It began with church, and since it was Palm Sunday church was pretty packed.   We also did communion, so I had to crutch it up to the front of the church and focus on not falling.  Then we went to eat with the family at Flying Burrito.  Then Brad had to ref, and I had to leave.  I don't like that part of Sundays, but it was nice because I will be back in Fayetteville next Sunday too, so we will only be a week without each other :)

When I got to Conway,  I met my parents at Marketplace.  It was their first time eating there.  I'm not sure how they've never eaten there before, but oh well.  Then we went back to good old Cabot and I was exhausted after the weekend so I pretty much passed out.  Well... that's all I have for now.  Have a great Monday!


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