Today was my first day to drive again!! Let me tell you, it was WONDERFUL!  I began by driving around my metropolis of a neighborhood.  Seriously, I had not realized how much they have built up the back of Greystone.  It's HUGE!!!  I think over half of Cabot must live in Greystone now, there are so many houses!  There were a lot of beautiful houses in the back too.  Brad and I drive around a lot and just look at houses, he lets me dream :) Haha.  So after I drove around my neighborhood I decided to venture to Sonic.  I missed happy hour by 4 minutes and couldn't convince myself to buy a drink for double the price then what I would have gotten it at happy hour for so I didn't get anything.  Now this is really strange of me b/c normally I really would care.  Then I went and tanned.  So tanning is quite an adventure for me because it takes me a little while to get undressed and everything.  So here I am undressed and laying on the tanning bed and I try to push the button to make it start.  It doesn't start.  Then I realize that the lady forgot to put the minutes on the bed.  So I then preceded to get dressed again, and go tell her she forgot to put the minutes on my bed.  haha.  My tanning experience turned out to be a long excursion!  
Right now I am waiting on my mom to get home so we can eat dinner and watch American Idol.  I can't wait to see Kris Allen preform tonight.  Such a cutie!


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