I've found that the phrase bored to tears is really true.  Today I was so bored I almost cried.  Really, it was awful.  Last week I was in Fayetteville and was so busy all the time so not that I am back in Cabot doing my usual nothing, it seems doubly boring.  I've gotten a lot of school work done though, so that's a good thing.
Really exciting news is that I found out I got a scholarship I applied for!!  So now I'm committed to teaching for at least 2 years in an at need school, but if I get the same scholarship for my masters program then I will teach for 4 years in an at-need school.  I can't wait!  Really I just can't wait to begin teaching and get to set my classroom up and everything.
In less than a month I will be back in Fayetteville and in Summer school.  I am really excited.  I am going to be taking Spanish and Geology.  I found out last week there are 3 earth science classes I need in order to do well on the Praxis 2.  I think by the time I graduate I will have taken every science class the University has to offer.  Good thing I like them!
This past weekend was both mine and Brad's birthday.  It was so much fun!  On Saturday, Brad got in from camp around 2 and we just relaxed out in Goshen, Brad took a nap next to me while I watched Say Yes to the Dress!  Then the whole family went out to Kobe.  Sooo good.  Brad was excited he got to order his first (actualy 2) beers.  It was really cute..  After dinner all of the girls headed back to goshen while the boys went to help one of Brad's 10th graders get his truck out of the mud.  Then it was cake and present time.  I got to open my presents too since my birthday was on Sunday!  Brad got me CHACOS!!!!  They are soooo cute!  He also got me Reba, Jon and Kate Plus 8 and a really cute PINK nalgene.   He knows me so well :) 
The Brown's made Sunday really special for me.  They are the greatest.  Ms. Stephanie cooked me cinanmon rolls for breakfast (my favorite).  Then we went to church and I got to pick where we went to lunch.  We went to marketplace!   After lunch they surprised me with Rick's cookies.  YUM! They are my favorite!!! I got to take the rest home with me and lets just say that probaly wasn't a good idea.  I'm gonna gain like 20 lbs. from these cookies!  Brad was a great boyfriend and drove me home to Cabot and stayed for dinner and then drove back to Fayetteville.  Seriously, I have the best boyfriend ever :)
Now I'm on the countdown....3 1/2 weeks till I'm back in Fayetteville for good!


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