Christi's Post

Christi sent me this facebook post and it seriously made me laugh and be reminiscent all at the same time.  So I copied it on here so everyone could read it :)

dear jennifer, it's finals weeks and normally you're hear to freak out too, but alas, you are not this time. so if anyone asks, this is what i wish..
1. that the weird chemical closet in d's room would still be a safe haven where we could figure stuff out
2. that our problems would be so small that we could sort them out in a closet
3. that ice cream didn't have calories. i really feel like this would help my finals week stress level
4. that our parents didn't expect us to be adults and it would be completely acceptable to lay by the pool and eat french fries and beer catsup from the clubhouse
5. that french fries and beer catsup didnt have calories
6. that rolling people's houses was ok to do at 20. I also feel like this could relieve some stress
7. that our friends would stop getting married, getting big internships, ect. i'm starting to feel like a slacker.
8. that a batch of cookies could still boost my grade in world civ. world civ..seriously, who the hell cares about history
9. that matters of the heart could be solved by sitting in our bedroom floor with junk food.
10. it seems i've looped back around to wishing junk food didn't have calories, so i think that means I'm done.

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