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I thought I would put a picture of Tressa in today's post because I am SO proud of her!  As you know she won Miss Arkansas-International, but she worked so so hard for this title.  Proof that hard work and dedication do pay off!  She will be going to Chicago this summer to compete for the title of Miss International.  I wish I could be there to watch her!  
Well the semester and winding down and this is both good and bad.  Good because it means that soon I will be in Fayetteville and summer school will start!  Bad because that also means that Brad leaves for camp soon.  I'm really excited for him to go because he loves camp so much, but I'm going to miss him so much :)  Of course, it will be better because I will get to see him every Saturday now, instead of every other weekend.  
I can't believe Kristin and Jon are actually engaged.  It is soo weird to think that we are of the age now where our friends are getting married.  How does time fly so fast?  It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from High School and now I am about to be a Senior in college!
For my education practicum,  I have to have 60 hours of job shadowing experience.  So this week, I am going to go shadow Mr. D for a few hours.  This should be fun!  I also have to think of a chemistry project to do with high school kids for my Organic class.  If ya'll think of anything let me know!  I'm thinking about something like independent learning or something.  You know where you pick a topic and conduct your own experiment in that topic.    Well this is all I have for now!


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  1. Jen, this whole blog is so cute! I love it! Glad you're finding ways to spend your time until you get to come back to Fayetteville :-)