Wow, I feel like the weddings have finally begun.  I guess it all started last August when Steph got married and now I feel they will all just continue until every one of my friends is married, with me  being the last.  haha!  So in May I have 2 weddings to attend, and then in June one of my very best friends from High School is getting married.  That will be a fun celebration!

So I told her I would throw her a wedding shower.  I know this sounds corny, but I really love planning for things like showers.  It just makes me happy to get to pick out invitations, and a menu etc.  Oh and the centerpieces!! That's fun too!

My birthday is a week from tomorrow! So fun!  I think it's so cool that me and Brad are only a day apart, it's like God made Brad and was then like "ok, I've gotta make Jen now".  Just meant to go together, so perfect :)  On Monday my mom and I are going to Rick's to pick out my birthday cake.  Brad was making fun of the fact that I wasn't letting anyone pick out my cake for me.  No way!  I want to make sure it's cute!!  haha!

Today I had my hair done, again.  Finally, I am back to my old self.  I will NEVER dye my hair dark again.  Just not me!  Plus, it took forever to get all of that color out of my hair.  If someone told me it wasn't a simple process to go back blonde I would have never done it.  

Since TLC is my t.v channel of choice,  I have been seeing all sorts of commercials advertising that Anna Duggar is possibly pregnant.  I really hope that's not the case,  not that they weren't trying, but I just feel she is so young and they are still in their first year of marriage.  They have plenty of time for babies later on!

Well I think that's all I have for now.  I think I'm gonna go wash my hair... I can't stand not washing my hair after I get it done!


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