Wedding Showers

Just had a wonderful evening with Summer Leigh.  We met and discussed all things wedding and baby :)  Very exciting!   We decided that the theme for the shower I'm throwing her is going to be a Kitchen theme.  I think I am going to have everyone invited bring their favorite recipe so the new bride will have lots of recipes to cook for her husband!  So fun!  I have already started looking at invitations online and have found some really cute ones!  I need to order them and get started with everything!  I love doing this kind of stuff!
I beginning to tutor a high school kid tomorrow.  It makes me nervous.  I really hope I can remember everything from high school chemistry! hah!
I have started using the weight machines in physical therapy!  This is exciting because I feel like I am actually doing something to help regain the muscle in my leg.  It even felt sore yesterday :)  I have barely gotten to chat with Brad today since he has been studying all day and I have been really busy.  Hopefully we will get to catch up tonight, as I have lots to talk about!  Then again, I always do.
I am definitely getting excited to be a bridesmaid in Summer's wedding.  Love love love talking to Summer because sometimes I feel like she is the only one who truly understands what I am saying...
Well I better get to bed, tomorrow is thursday which means it's Kristin's day to come to Cabot!  YAY!  We are going to go to Target!


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