Today was such a beautiful day!  I just had to venture outside to get some much needed sun on my legs.  Since I haven't been approved to go tanning yet, due to the lovely scar on my leg, needless to say my legs are pretty pale!  Just sitting out in the warmth of the sun can be such a relaxing, blissful thing.  I just love the summertime when I can go lay out at the pool with a good book.  Perfection!  Last summer I didn't get to do that much, I'm planning on changing that this summer though...now if only I can figure out how to get in the pool using one leg!

Tomorrow is Thursday which are my favorite days of the week because Kristin always comes to visit.  It's wonderful because we always go places, and it's nice having someone besides my parents to visit with!  I think we are going to go shopping for Brad's birthday...exciting!  

I am on countdown until I get to move back to Fayetteville!  While I have enjoyed getting to spend quality time here in Cabot with my parents,  I am ready to get back to my own life!  It makes it even more exciting that Steph and I are moving into a new apartment at the end of May. Can't wait to start decorating!   Well that's all I've got for now!


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